Useful SNMP notes



SNMP is a widely used protocol with a lot of great and not so great features. This is my notes on things related to this protocol that I use frequently.

Useful OIDs

Interface related

Interface description

OID value:

Interface octet in

64 bit counter for a total number of received octets/bytes.

OID value:

Interface octet out

64 bit counter for a total number of transmitted octets/bytes.

OID value:

Turn of SNMPd cache

To turn off SNMPd cache on the Debian Linux package you have to, as far as I know, do this with SNMP.

First, check your current cache time:

$ snmpwalk -v2c -c public
NET-SNMP-AGENT-MIB::nsCacheTimeout. = INTEGER: 15

The integer represents seconds.

To change it, from a rwcommunity issue:

$ snmpset -v2c -c public i 0
NET-SNMP-AGENT-MIB::nsCacheTimeout. = INTEGER: 0