Test hard drives



Smart status

The smart status of a hard drive contains information about the health of the drive.

All the tests can be run in the forground by adding -C.

Start short test:

smartctl -t short /dev/ada4

Start conveyance test (determine damage during transport):

smartctl -t conveyance /dev/ada4

Start long test to test the entire drive:

smartctl -t long /dev/ada4

View test results:

smartctl -l selftest /dev/ada4

View disk information:

smartctl -a /dev/ada4

Bad blocks

The command badblocks can be used to check for bad blocks on a hard drive, i perfere to run this before i put the drive in to production.

Most hard drives stops working after a few days if they are defect from the store, so this is a really nice test to run.

The following command will test all the blocks on the drive, by writing to them, so it will NUKE all the data:

badblocks -v -p 3 -b 512 -ws /dev/ada4

-v: verbose output
-p: number of passes (default: 0)
-b: block size
-w: write to all blocks
-s: show progress

This will take a lot of time, and it should be set to run a few days in advance of installation.