Quassel IRC with LDAP backend



I like IRC a lot, but for some people, the threshold is too high to join because of the need of having a "always on" client. My personal client is Weechat, but the command line clients on a server idea do not fit all.

Here the IRC client Quassel has a great solution, it allows us to have the Quassel Core on the server and connect to it with a GUI client. Unfortunately, the official client does not support an LDAP backend, but there is a pull request pending for this feature, and here's how I built it and installed it on my IRC server.

Work in progress

At the moment, this is WIP as I have not had time to run through the install again.


Clone down the Quassel fork with LDAP support:

git clone https://github.com/abustany/quassel.git

Checkout the patched branch:

git checkout generic-ldap

Install building utilities and LDAP library:

apt-get install libldap2-dev build-essential

Generate files:


Build and install:

make install