I use Docker sometimes. Currently, I use a CI called Drone, which runs tests in Docker containers customized for the project (usually to mimic the production environment). I like this a lot as I don't get one big blob with everything installed for all the different projects dependencies. This page has the docker commands that i need to use to build and push the different images.

Build image from Dockerfile (where . is the location of a dir with a Dockerfile):

docker build -t <username>/<imagename>:latest .

To push the image to, run the following command. NOTE that the repository must already be created on docker hub:

docker push <username>/<imagename>:latest

Start a Docker image with shell

docker run -it <username>/<imagename> /bin/sh

To list docker images:

docker images

Sometimes you have a lot of images with identifier , delete them:

docker images | grep none | awk '{print $3}' | while read i
docker rmi -f $i


docker rmi (docker images | awk '{ print $3; }')

To list running docker containers:

docker ps