Cisco Catalyst Express 500



I have one Cisco Catalyst Express 500 series switch and it is quite horrible. Here are some notes on how to reset it and configure it from scratch since it is somehow hard. Cisco actually only support Windows 2k or XP as OS for resetting the switch.


Laptop preparation

Windows 7 and above

If you use Windows 7 or any Windows higher than the officially supported ones you will need a little bit of luck.

My device will use as its reset configuration IP, some devices use random IPs.

If you know this information on forehand you can be able to get it working with Windows 7. By simply setting as IP and as the subnet mask. It is very important that this is done before you plug the laptop into the given configuration port.

Windows XP

If you use Windows XP set the network interface to obtain an IP automatically and set the DNS server to

Setting the switch in reset mode

  1. Plug the power into the switch while holding the setup button
  2. When the System, Alert, and Poe light turn amber release the setup button.
  3. Wait for a light to indicate what port to plug your computer into.
  4. a) If you use Windows 7 open in your browser.
  5. b) If you use Windows XP open your browser and enter the IP of your given gateway.
  6. Follow the reset procedure in the browser.